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Salvation Army Temple

Heritage Listed Location


67-73 Bourke Street Melbourne, Melbourne City, Victoria, Australia

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Melbourne, 3000 0.3km Southbank, 3006 1.4km Fitzroy, 3065 1.5km Collingwood, 3066 1.9km Richmond South, 3121 2.2km

Details / Significance

Fifth land sale 1839, Allotment 17, Block 9. 1855 - Hotel? 1866 - building.1888 - five buildings; shops, Nugget Theatre and yards. 1890 - four-storey building constructed for the YMCA. 1905 - four-storey building, Salvation Army Headquarters.

Heritage Inventory Significance: This building was designed by Messrs. Billing & Son and Messrs. Oakden, Addison & Kemp as architects in association for the Young Men's Christian Association, but owing to donors being unable to fulfil promises of financial assistance, it was taken over by a financial institution from which it was purchased by the salvation army. The tender of Mr. M. Maxwell was accepted and the foundation stone laid in early may 1890. The Y.M.C.A. occupied the building from 1891 to 1894. The building has been occupied by the Salvation Army since 1895 and is now their southern territorial headquarters. This building is of the high boom style and in its design and construction no expense has been spared. The facade is influenced by French renaissance revival as indicated in the roof line, where the two end bays have been designed as mansards. The facade consists almost entirely of windows, as found in Jacobean architecture. The building is balanced around the central bay window which is a storey above the entrance arch and pediment. The bay section is capped by an elongated and unusual pediment which is linked to the side mansards by balustrading. The Jacobean influence also appears in the variety of window shapes and the free use of window decoration. The stairwell with very wide slate stairs and ornate cast iron balustrades with large wrought iron supporting brackets leads upstairs to the intact and well finished meeting hall. A vaulted timber ceiling in original condition is one of the main features of the hall as is the cast iron balustraded balcony. The offices and other rooms have been re-partitioned but much of the original joinery remains and the character of the building is retained.

Archeological Potential: Potential/Disturbed

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