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Commissioners Reef

Heritage Listed Location


Mannings Road Dry Diggings, Hepburn Shire, Victoria, Australia

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Details / Significance

Reef workings - Workings run north along the spur and consist of some shallow open cutting, filled shafts and partly dozed mullock paddocks. On the eastern side of the spur are two open adits and a well defined whim platform which is associated with a filled shaft and small open stope. There are two collapsed adits on the western side of the spur. Mullock heap - At the base of the spur is a large, partly quarried mullock heap with three main dumping lines. Jacksons Look-out walking track passes close to the heap. Machinery site - On the eastern end of the heap is a machinery site - excavated platform which is completely covered by blackberries. Near the platform are the remains of a small stone building. Open cut - Running up the side of the spur to the north of the mullock heap is a large, partly collapsed open cut. (According to local miner, Rod Kirby, this is the largest open cut in the Daylesford area). The shallow workings continue to the next gully where there is a large embankment with stone by-pass./n

Heritage Inventory Significance: The site has:Scientific significance - a range of features, including a large mullock heap and open cut.Archaeological potentialNetwork values - the mining relics lie near the Jacksons Look-out walking track.SIGNIFICANCE RANKING: Regional

Recorded by: David Bannear


Heritage Inventory Site Features: Reef workingsMullock heapMachinery siteOpen cut

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