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North Maxwell Company

Heritage Listed Location


Second Avenue Hepburn Springs, Hepburn Shire, Victoria, Australia

Places Nearby

Hepburn Springs, 3461 0.5km Elevated Plains, 3461 3.5km Sailors Hill, 3461 3.8km Shepherds Flat, 3461 6.3km Hepburn, 3461 8.3km

Details / Significance

Mining machinery - Foundations located on edge of road, set in an excavated platform. Foundations consist of a largely buried 8ft square concrete winder bed; 10x3ft engine bed and a 20ft long concrete boiler setting./n

Heritage Inventory Significance: The site has:Scientific significance - intact foundationsNetwork values - North Maxwell, Maxwell Consolidated, Daylesford Pyrites Works (local significance), Ophir CompanySIGNIFICANCE RANKING: Regional

Recorded by: David Bannear


Heritage Inventory Site Features: Mining machinery foundations

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