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21 Isabella Grove Hawthorn, Boroondara City, Victoria, Australia

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Details / Significance

What is significant?
Oxford, formerly known as Friesia, was constructed in 1888 to the design of J A B Koch for Melbourne�s first German consul William A Brahe. The house was built in German Renaissance style and incorporates a return stucco Corinthian colonnade. The property also retains an iron palisade fence and stables.

How is it significant?
Oxford is of historic and architectural significance to the State of Victoria

Why is it significant?
Oxford is historically important for its association with Brahe and the establishment of a German diplomatic presence in the relatively new Colony of Victoria. It is also historically important through its association with the early development of social stratification in suburban Melbourne by its location in middle class Hawthorn, contrasting with workingclass Collingwood to the west. Oxford is architecturally important in exhibiting the characteristics of Koch�s style. It is architecturally important in exhibiting good design and aesthetic characteristics of the German Revival style externally and internally, and through the retention of the iron palisade fence and stables.

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oxford isabella grove hawthorn front view
oxford isabella grove hawthorn arches along verandah
oxford isabella grove hawthorn verandah

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