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Jim Crow Creek Gold Mining Diversion Sluice

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Hepburn Regional Park Hepburn Springs And Hepburn Regional Park Elevated Plains, Hepburn Shire, Victoria, Australia

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Details / Significance

The Jim Crow Creek Gold Mining Diversion Sluice consists of a 400 metre long stone embankment which was probably built in the early 1860s when Jim Crow Creek was being extensively worked by European and Chinese miners The embankment was used to divert the waters of Jim Crow Creek through sluice boxes, and away from its natural bed and eastern bank which were then mined for alluvial gold. On the western slope of the creek are several house sites and at least one baker's oven.

The Jim Crow Creek Gold Mining Diversion Sluice is of historical, archaeological and scientific importance to the State of Victoria.

The Jim Crow Creek Gold Mining Diversion Sluice is historically and scientifically important as a characteristic and well preserved example of an early form of gold mining. Gold mining sites are of crucial importance for the pivotal role they have played since 1851 in the development of Victoria. Water diversion and sluicing are important key ingredients in an understanding of gold mining technology as it was employed in mountainous country where water was plentiful and perennial.

The Jim Crow Creek Gold Mining Diversion Sluice is archaeologically important for its potential to yield artefacts and evidence which will be able to provide significant information about the cultural history of gold mining and the gold seekers themselves.

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