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Northcote South Railway Station

Heritage Listed Location


45A Cunningham Street Northcote, Darebin City, Victoria, Australia

Places Nearby

Hawthorn East, 3123 0.4km Northcote South, 3070 1.0km Northcote, 3070 1.3km Fairfield, 3078 2.3km Alphington, 3078 3.7km

Details / Significance

The site remains an open grassed area of railway reserve.

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Heritage Listed Locations Nearby

Northcote 8 0.6km
Northcote 6 0.7km
Northcote 9 0.7km
Fitzroy 1 0.8km
Albion Hotel 0.9km
Anz Bank 1.0km
The Falls 1.3km
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