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Former Bank Of Australasia

Heritage Listed Location


24 Sackville Street And Cox Street Port Fairy, Moyne Shire, Victoria, Australia

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Details / Significance

The Former Bank of Australasia is a two storey bank and residence constructed of half coursed, rock faced basalt with bracketed eaves, slate roof, emphasised quoin work and pronounced Georgian motif fenestration in what amounts to a fusion of Georgian and Italianate architecture. The architect was Nathaniel Billing. The contractors McKenzie and McGowan erected the structure in 1857.

The former Bank of Australasia, Port Fairy is of architectural and historical importance for the following reasons:

- as one of the finest stone bank buildings in Victoria.

-as an important early work of the architect Nathaniel Billing.

- for its impressive architectural detail and masonry work.

- as a notable early fusion of Georgian and Italianate styles of architecture.

- as an important commercial building in the early port settlement of Port Fairy.

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