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House - 304 Upper Heidelberg Road Ivanhoe

Heritage Listed Location


304 Upper Heidelberg Road Ivanhoe, Banyule City, Victoria, Australia

Places Nearby

Ivanhoe, 3079 1.0km Bellfield, 3081 1.3km Heidelberg West, 3081 1.7km Eaglemont, 3084 2.2km Heidelberg, 3084 2.2km

Details / Significance

304 Upper Heidelberg Road is a typical example of a bungalow style residence, popular in Heidelberg and Ivanhoe during the inter-War period. It is of local architectural interest.

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I was born in Ivanhoe at the Airlie Maternity Hospital in Upper Heidelberg Road. My family lived in 302 Upper Heidelberg Road, Ivanhoe. Many a time as a child while playing netball in our back garden, I would manage to loose the ball over the side fence of 304 Upper Heidelberg Road, Ivanhoe. I remember climbing over the fence to retrieve my ball and having long talks to the then owner of 304 Upper Heidelberg Road. The husband and wife were middle aged, and I cannot remember their names, but they were always happy for me to retrieve my things accidentally kicked or thrown over the side fence. At the back of these properties there was a disused laneway full of weeds but which had blue stone blocks on the ground. Some of the local kids would play in this lane as well.



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