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Heidelberg Municipal Offices And Town Hall

Heritage Listed Location


253-277 Upper Heidelberg Road Ivanhoe, Banyule City, Victoria, Australia

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Ivanhoe, 3079 0.7km Bellfield, 3081 1.5km Heidelberg West, 3081 1.8km Eaglemont, 3084 2.5km Heidelberg, 3084 2.5km

Details / Significance

The Heidelberg Town Hall and Municipal Offices are of considerable local historical, social and architectural significance.

Construction of the building in 1936-37 is associated with the period of rapid suburban expansion of the municipality in the inter-War period. Located on a prominent hill site, the building possesses considerable landmark qualities in the local area, dominating the Upper Heidelberg Road precinct. Architecturally, the building is representative of the inter-War moderne style, and, more specifically is an interpretation of the cubist manner of the Dutch modernist architect W. M. Dudok. The Town Hall was designed by prominent architects Peck and Kemter and A. C. Leith and Associates, the latter also responsible for the extensive alterations at the Collingwood Town Hall in 1937-38. The building is substantially intact internally and externally.

The building has important social significance because of its role since 1937 as the focus of local government in Heidelberg and continues to provide a community focus for civic activity.

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