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The Chadwick House

Heritage Listed Location


32-34 The Eyrie Heidelberg, Banyule City, Victoria, Australia

Places Nearby

Eaglemont, 3084 0.7km Heidelberg, 3084 1.1km Bulleen, 3105 1.8km Balwyn North, 3104 3.2km Kew, 3101 3.7km

Details / Significance

32-34 The Eyrie is of considerable architectural and historical significance. Substantially intact, 32-34 The Eyrie is one of three houses constructed on the Eaglemont Estate and designed by prominent architect Harold Desbrowe Annear in his early Arts and Crafts mode. The house is a notable example of this style, featuring many of his characteristic elements such as half-timbered and roughcast walls, weatherboarded plinth and horizontal groupings of casement windows with timber bracketed window hoods.

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