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Macgeorge House

Heritage Listed Location


25 Riversdale Road Ivanhoe, Banyule City, Victoria, Australia

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Ivanhoe, 3079 0.0km Ivanhoe East, 3079 2.0km Bellfield, 3081 2.0km Heidelberg West, 3081 2.2km Kew East, 3102 3.1km

Details / Significance

25 Riverside Road is of considerable architectural and historic significance. The building was the home of prominent artist and critic Norman MacGeorge, reflecting the continuing role of Heidelberg as a popular artist's rural retreat. Externally largely intact, 25 Riverside Road is one of a number of houses designed by prominent architect Harold Desbrowe Annear in his early Arts and Crafts mode. The house features typical characteristics of this style such as roughcast walls, tapered roughcast chimneys, groupings of casement windows, timber verandah balustrading, built-in furniture and innovative open planning principles.

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