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Napier Waller's House

Heritage Listed Location


9 Crown Road Ivanhoe, Banyule City, Victoria, Australia

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Alphington, 3078 0.8km Ivanhoe, 3079 1.4km Kew East, 3102 1.9km Cotham, 3101 3.0km Heidelberg West, 3081 3.7km

Details / Significance

9 Crown Road, Ivanhoe is of state significance. The house was the residence of nationally renowned artists Christian and Napier Waller for fifty years. The couple are believed to have designed the house, which retains the majority of its interior decoration including murals by the artists and furnishings.

In addition to the intact house and surrounds, the property retains Waller's studio, artworks and tools. The house is also distinctive for its innovative spatial planning.

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Napier Waller's House

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