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St John's Roman Catholic Church And Presbytery

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52 Yarra Street Heidelberg, Banyule City, Victoria, Australia

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Details / Significance

St John's Church, Heidelberg is of local architectural and historical significance. The church was designed by prominent 19th century Public Works and ecclesiastical architect William Wardell, whose notable church works in the Gothic Revival style include St Patrick's Cathedral, Melbourne and St Mary's Cathedral, Sydney. St John's Church is characteristic of the simplified English Decorated style employed by Wardell for his small church designs, being a simple rectangular volume with entrance porch and sacristy attached and of bluestone construction. The building, prominently sited on the corner of Cape and Yarra Streets, is a local landmark.

The adjacent presbytery, although altered and of little individual architectural significance, has historic links to the church, and together the church and presbytery form an architecturally related pair of buildings.The church continues to provide a focus of religious activity for the Catholic community in Heidelberg since its construction in 1861.

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St John's Roman Catholic Church

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