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190 Gwyther Siding Road Leongatha South, South Gippsland Shire, Victoria, Australia

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Koonwarra, 3954 3.6km Leongatha South, 3953 6.3km Nerrena, 3953 8.5km Tarwin, 3956 8.7km Meeniyan, 3956 11.3km

Details / Significance

What is Significant?
'Springdale', the former Martin residence, designed by H Desbrowe Annear and constructed in 1905 at 190 Gwyther Siding Road, Leongatha South.

Why is it Significant?
'Springdale', the former Martin residence is of local historic and aesthetic significance to South Gippsland Shire.

Historically, it demonstrates the important phase of development associated with the expansion of the dairying industry in the early part of the twentieth century, which led to increased prosperity that enabled landowners to construct more substantial residences. (AHC criteria - A.4 and D.2) Aesthetically, it is a rare (and possibly unique) rural example of the residential work of the important Victorian architect, Harold Desbrowe Annear. Externally, the design is closely related to his acclaimed houses at The Eyrie, while also exploring a compact and effective form and simplified roof form. Internally, it is notable for the detailing and material palette that are typical of Annear's work. As such, it is unique within the Shire, and the Gippsland region as a whole. (AHC criteria - B.2, E.1 and F.1) Note: 'Springdale' was assessed by Heritage Victoria in January 2002 who determined that it was of not of sufficient cultural heritage significance to warrant inclusion in the Victorian Heritage Register.

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