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114-118 Park Drive And 39-43 Degraves Street Parkville, Melbourne City, Victoria, Australia

Details / Significance

What is significant?
Wardlow was built by CC Fewster in 1888 for John Boyes, owner of the Brunswick Iron Foundry. The architect is not known, but was possibly by the partnership of Twentyman & Askew, who three years later designed a warehouse for Boyes in Russell Street, contracting to the same builder, Fewster.

Wardlow was the substantial element of a larger development that began with 110 and 112 Park Drive and later included the adjoining houses at 33, 35, and 37 Degraves Street, finished in 1889. All the houses had cast iron decoration from Boyes' Brunswick Foundry, and also share other details including tessellated pavements and decorative patterns etched into the exterior render.

Wardlow is in an excellent state of preservation because of successive ownership and occupation by several generations of the Boyes family until 1975. The exterior of the house and layout of the garden are virtually as they were in 1888. The side and rear courtyards were created in the 1990s.

The interior decorative scheme retains many elements. The drawing room and dining room retain their respective characteristic masculine and feminine schemes. The entrance hall, drawing room, dining room and parlour retain decorative wallpapers; gilded pelmets survive in the dining room and study; joinery and doors are wood grained in imitation of walnut, with gold stencilling. Original leadlight and coloured glass sidelights to the front door light the entrance hallway. The name Wardlow is etched in the ruby glass in the transom light over the front door. In the hallway the floor is partly laid with encaustic tessellated tiles, and original wall and ceiling paper and cornices enriched with plaster mouldings also survive. The drawing room has original silk and velvet curtains and an overmantel.

The service areas have been substantially modernised although a panel of seven servant bells, with associated cranks and wires, survive in the kitchen vestibule.

The first floor rooms were redecorated in the 1920s and 1930s, but retain some of their Venetian blinds. Original wallpapers identical to those in the main hallway survive in the first floor passageway. A new bathroom was installed in an upstairs bedroom in the 1990s.

How is it significant?
Wardlow is of architectural, aesthetic and historical significance to the State of Victoria.

Why is it significant?
Wardlow is architecturally significant as an archetypal example of boom style Italianate architecture. Characteristic elements include the asymmetrical plan, tower over the entrance and decorative urns to the parapet. In particular, the internal has not been altered, and therefore the arrangement of the main rooms and servant spaces is still clearly understood.

Wardlow is aesthetically significant as a metropolitan house which, more than any other surviving example, exhibits a boom period middle class domestic interior with intact decorative finishes. The scheme is a vivid demonstration of the range of decorative techniques that Victorians enjoyed applying to their interiors, and is representative of upper middle class aspirations of the late boom period.

Wardlow is historically significant as the major element in a comprehensive and unusual development scheme for the site, which included the adjoining houses in Degraves Street. It demonstrates the partly speculative nature of the development.

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1 wardlow nov 2000
wardlow extent of registration h1922 dec 2000
Wardlow Houses in Degraves Street
Wardlow Houses in Degraves Street
H1922 Residence 33 Degraves St 02
H1922 Residence 35 Degraves St 02
H1922 Residence 37 Degraves St 02
H1922 Residence Cnr Degraves St and Park Dve 1 02
H1922 Residence Cnr Degraves St and Park Dve 2 02
H1922 Residence Cnr Degraves St and Park Dve Facade 02
H1922 Residence Degraves and Fitzgibbon Stse Side 33 02
H1922 Residences 33 37 Degraves St 02
H1922 Residences Degraves St Rear  02

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