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House At 75 Verdon Street

Heritage Listed Location


75 Verdon Street Williamstown, Hobsons Bay City, Victoria, Australia

Places Nearby

Williamstown, 3016 0.6km Williamstown North, 3016 0.7km Braybrook North, 3019 1.6km Douglas, 3409 1.9km Altona North, 3025 5.2km

Details / Significance

What is Significant?

The house, constructed in 1885-86, at 75 Verdon Street, Williamstown.

How is it Significant?

The house at 75 Verdon Street, Williamstown is of local historic and aesthetic significance to the City of Hobsons Bay.

Why is it Significant?

Historically, it demonstrates the first phase of development of Verdon Street during the late nineteenth century. (AHC criteria A4 and D2)

Aesthetically, it is a near original example of a Victorian Italianate villa which has valuable details (fence, pilasters, bays) and contributes to the historic character of Verdon Street. (AHC criteria B2, E1 and F1)

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House at 75 Verdon Street WILLIAMSTOWN, Hobsons Bay Heritage Study 2006
House at 75 Verdon Street WILLIAMSTOWN, Hobsons Bay Heritage Study 2006

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