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28 The Strand Williamstown, Hobsons Bay City, Victoria, Australia

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Details / Significance

What is Significant?

'Tarneit', constructed in 1905, at 28 The Strand, Williamstown.

How is it Significant?

'Tarneit' at 28 The Strand, Williamstown is of local historic and aesthetic significance to the City of Hobsons Bay.

Why is it Significant?

Historically, it is one of a number of dwellings that illustrate the historic importance of The Strand as a desirable residential address over a long period. It is also of interest for its associations with the locally important Keig family. (AHC criteria A4 and H1)

Aesthetically, it is a locally rare and near original example of a successfully designed Queen Anne villa which contributes to the historic character of The Strand. (AHC criteria B2, E1 and F1)

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Tarneit, Hobsons Bay Heritage Study 2006
Tarneit, Hobsons Bay Heritage Study 2006

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