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1580 Bacchus Marsh Road Corio, Greater Geelong City, Victoria, Australia

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Corio, 3214 0.8km Norlane, 3214 3.7km North Shore, 3214 3.9km Lovely Banks, 3221 4.8km North Geelong, 3215 5.2km

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The pastoral property, 'Wooloomanata', was originally part of the 'Station Peak' run. Frederick William Armytage, sixth son of remarkable Victorian pioneer George Armytage, built the present single storey homestead c 1860-63 from designs possibly prepared by Leonard Terry, the architect recorded as designing the extensive cottages and outbuildings in 1866. The U-plan Italianate style bluestone residence has an intricate encircling iron verandah of unusual design and fabrication. "Wooloomanata" is one of a number of distinctive homesteads developed by the distinguished Armytage family in Victoria in the mid nineteenth century.


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