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Tram Depot

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Coldblo Road Armadale, Stonnington City, Victoria, Australia

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Details / Significance

What is significant?
The Tram Depot on Coldblo Road Malvern was commenced by the municipally-controlled Prahran and Malvern Tramways Trust in 1909-10, to serve its electric line linking the two suburbs via High Street. The original Edwardian style red brick depot, comprising offices, amenities, converter substation, workshops and six track car shed, was designed by Leonard Flannagan, in conjunction with the Trust's electrical engineers, Noyes Bros (Melbourne) Pty Ltd. Alexander Cameron, the Trust chairman, laid the foundation stone for the depot on 7 December 1909, and officially opened the tramway on 30 May 1910. Over the next two decades alterations and additions were made to cope with expansion of the tram system and have produced the large complex of car sheds and administration facilities extant today.

How is it significant?
The Tram Depot on Coldblo Road Malvern is of historical and architectural significance to the State of Victoria.

Why is it significant?
The Tram Depot on Coldblo Road Malvern is of historical significance as a physical record of the origins and expansion of Melbourne?s tram network. The original depot, commenced by the Prahran and Malvern Tramways Trust in 1909, was the first, and later became the largest, of the depots constructed by a number of municipal tramways trusts prior to the formation of the Tramways Board in 1919. The Prahran and Malvern Trust was the most significant and successful of all the municipal undertakings and its services played a key role in facilitating suburban expansion south of the Yarra. This growth of tramways was one of the greatest municipal developments in Victoria during the first decade of this century, and the depot remains a testimony to this period of Melbourne?s transport history. The depot reflects the expansion and change of the tramway system in subsequent decades, with several major alterations and additions until the beginning of the 1930s. The substantial intactness of the structures from all periods of its development make the depot an important record of the evolution of the tramway system.

The Tram Depot on Coldblo Road Malvern is of architectural significance as a fine example of an early 20th century tramways building. The early sections of the complex, designed by the notable architect Leonard Flannagan, are a rare and imposing example of the application of Edwardian period architecture to a tram depot. Flannagan designed a number of buildings for the Prahran and Malvern Trust and also a depot for the Hawthorn Tramways Trust. The second car shed and separate substation, erected in 1929 to the design of AG Monsbourgh, are an expression of the period of consolidation, expansion and modernisation by the Tramways Board. The clear span structure of the car shed was a significant advance in the design of electric tramway car sheds. The fine architecture of the depot provides evidence of the pride with which Melbourne viewed its tramway system and of the importance of the system to the life of the city.

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