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Brookes' Jetty

Heritage Listed Location


Marine Parade St Kilda, Port Phillip City, Victoria, Australia

Places Nearby

St Kilda, 3182 0.6km St Kilda West, 3182 1.3km Elwood, 3184 2.1km Ripponlea, 3185 2.3km Middle Park, 3206 2.8km

Details / Significance


The jetty comprises of a concrete drain on the shoreward end, and a timber jetty extension at the extremity. The concrete section is a box construction approximately 2 m high, 70 m long and approx 5 m wide, which houses two box section culvert outlet drains. It appears to have also doubled a jetty structure, as holes for handrail posts are evenly spaced along both sides progressing from the shore and at its end. The 'L' timber pier consists of paired piles topped with a timber top, and galvanised iron handrails.

Pier, culvert and associated artefacts discarded by pier users.



Archeological Potential:


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