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Shepherd Swingbridge Abutment Foundations

Heritage Listed Location


Napier Street Footscray And Footscray Road West Melbourne, Maribyrnong City, Melbourne City, Victoria, Australia

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Footscray, 3011 1.2km Seddon, 3011 1.4km Yarraville, 3013 2.3km Kensington, 3031 2.7km Flemington, 3031 3.3km

Details / Significance

Underneath the current Shepherd Bridge on both sides of the river are the remains of the bluestone bridge abutments of the swing-bridge.


Underneath the current Shepherd bridge on both sides of the river are the remains of the bluestone abutments of the swing bridge.


Abutments, archaeological deposits and possible buried timber piles on seabed.


Physical Conditions: Excellent

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