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Macgeorge House

Heritage Listed Location


25 Riverside Road Ivanhoe, Banyule City, Victoria, Australia

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Details / Significance

What is significant?
Built in 1911, the Macgeorge House (also known as Fairy Hills) is situated at the intersection of the Yarra River and Darebin Creek in Ivanhoe. A substantial bungalow, it is roughcasted externally with some half timbering to gables. The interior is comprehensively finished in a variety of natural and dark stained timbers, with very fine hand crafted detailing to fittings and furnishings. The house remains largely intact to its original appearance and character to both exterior and interior.

How is it significant?
Thw Macgeorge House is of architectural and historical significance to the State of Victoria

Why is it significant?
The Macgeorge house is of architectural significance as an important and remarkably complete example of the work of leading architect Harold Desbrowe Annear in the early years of this century. While demonstrating a number of features typical of his work at this time, such as his love of roughcasted and half timbered bungalow forms and richly detailed Arts & Crafts interiors, it shows his broad tendency in this period toward simplification and abstraction of form and details, factors important to the notable character of his later work. The associated gardens are an integral part of the original conception of the site by the Macgeorges and their architect. Vestiges of the original formal garden adjacent the house and of the bush garden along the river make an important contribution to the appreciation of the site and of the tastes of the Macgeorges.

The Macgeorge house is of historical significance for its associations with the Macgeorges and, through them, with a larger circle of artists, art patrons and art critics in Heidelberg and Melbourne from 1910 through to 1970. Following the bequest to the University of Melbourne by the Macgeorges,the association with the arts community as accommodation for artists in residence from the University of Melbourne.

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H02004 macgeorge house ivanhoe south side 02
H02004 macgeorge house ivanhoe plan
H02004 macgeorge house ivanhoe south side from river 02
H02004 macgeorge house ivanhoe west side 02
H02004 macgeorge house ivanhoe porch 02
H02004 macgeorge house ivanhoe living room 02
H02004 macgeorge house ivanhoe living 02
H02004 macgeorge house ivanhoe hallway 02

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