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St Stephens Hall (FORMER Episcopalian Church), 39 Percy Street

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39 Percy Street Portland, Glenelg Shire, Victoria, Australia

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Details / Significance

St. Stephen's Church Hall was erected in 1842 - 43 and served as a school and master's residence as well as a temporary Church. The contractor was Joshua Black. The rectangular plan structure has rendered facades with semi-circular arched windows. The front porch and rear wing were added subsequently, c.1871. This structure is Portland's Oldest surviving Church and is a superb example of the architecture of the town's early formative years. The building is simply conceived and remarkably intact when compared with the illustration appearing on Birmingham's map of 1853. The semi-circular windows are unusual, the timber porch is a notable and picturesque feature.


from Portland Urban Conservation Study:

The construction of the present St. Stephen's Church spans a number of years and today, the building still remains incomplete. The earliest part of the building comprises the short nave, transcepts and sanctuary which date from 1855 - 56 and designed by the architect G.W. Mathewson. The interior of this section was completed in 1863 when the ceiling and furniture were installed, and the walls plastered, to designs by Daniel Nicholson. In 1882, the Organ Chamber was added, the Baptistry dates from 1884 and the low nave was added in 1976. This substantial bluestone structure is a fine example of a restrained gothic revival style. The interior of the building is particularly significant with its superb furniture and fittings. The stones of the bluestone wall which encloses the church grounds were salvaged from the now demolished Portland Powder Magazine. The gothic style gazebo in the grounds is noteworthy.

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St Stephens Hall

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