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22 The Esplanade St Kilda, Port Phillip City, Victoria, Australia

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Details / Significance

Historic buildings council - Statement of Significance:

The Belvedere, designed in 1928 by architect WH Merritt is a three storey block of flats prominently sited at the corner of the Esplanade and Robe street, St Kilda and featuring an exuberant corner belvedere designed in the Spanish mission style this is portrayed externally by the use of render work, Cordoba profile terra cotta tiles and decorative metal grillage. This portrayal is carried on in a minor way in the lobby spaces where grillage work is fixed over apartment entry doors and in the stair balusters. The larger apartments contain two bedrooms, dining room, lounge, sun- room, entry lobby, kitchen and bathroom which itself is of some interest in that the cupboard over the bath is supported by 'barley sugar twist' columns.

The building is considerably intact externally although it has been painted recently and apart from minor changes to some interiors - especially bathrooms and kitchens is considerably intact internally. The Belvedere is of architectural and historic significance as;

- one of the most sophisticated and best-surviving examples of the Spanish mission style in Melbourne;

- it was influential as an early use of the Spanish mission style in flats architecture; - as an outstanding example of the work of the architect, WH Merritt, who designed numerous flats;

- for its use of a roof deck and internal sun rooms;

- for its landmark quality on the esplanade with its seaside associations; - as the turning point in the trend towards smaller flats.

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