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Royal Hotel, 60 Napier Street, St Arnaud

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60 Napier Street St Arnaud, Northern Grampians Shire, Victoria, Australia

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St Arnaud, 3478 0.0km St Arnaud East, 3478 1.4km St Arnaud North, 3478 10.0km Sutherland, 3478 12.4km Gowar East, 3478 19.3km

Details / Significance

The Royal Hotel, 60 Napier Street, St. Arnaud, contributes to the architectural amenity of the predominantly Victorian and Federation streetscape. Built in 1873 for Solomon Cox, this hotel subsequently experienced several owners and proprietors. It has significance as one of the 19th century extant hotels constructed in St. Arnaud, although the removal of the ogee form verandah, painting over the brick wall construction and the alteration to the first floor windows has substantially impacted the intactness of the place.

Although altered, the Royal Hotel is architecturally significant at a LOCAL level. It demonstrates some original rudimentary Victorian design qualities. These qualities include the two storey composition with a simple parapet having projecting brick courses that form a large title and date panel, with three original, incised rectangular panels that read: "Royal Hotel, 1874, Royal Hotel". Other intact qualities include the brick wall construction (albeit inappropriately painted), chamfered building corner, segmentally arched ground floor window and door openings, timber framed double hung ground floor windows with decorative leadlighting, and the ground floor window voussoirs.

The Royal Hotel is historically significant at a LOCAL level. It is associated with the development of a hotel business by Solomon Cox, emigrant of Wilshire, England, in 1873. Cox and his family operated and lived at the Royal Hotel until 1881, when it was sold to C.E. Beggs. The hotel is also associated with a succession of subsequent owners.

The Royal Hotel is socially significant at a LOCAL level. It is recognised and valued by the St. Arnaud community as a local meeting place for social interaction.

Overall, the Royal Hotel is of LOCAL significance.


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SD 155a - Royal Hotel, 60 Napier Street, ST ARNAUD
SD 155b - Early Photo prior to erection of verandah. Photo from St. Arnaud, A Pictorial Journey.

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