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452 St Kilda Road Melbourne, Port Phillip City, Victoria, Australia

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Details / Significance

This handsome two storey building at 452 St Kilda Road, known originally as "Airlie", was built for Frederick J Neave, solicitor, to the design of the architect Anketell Henderson.

The building is a good example of a late 1880s "boom" Italianate style building as to both its interior and exterior aspects. The architect has made novel use of renaissance and mannerist elements, including a symmetrical main front elevation with two storeys of loggia arcading through which a polygonal bay window breaks through on ground floor level. This is emphasised by the use of engaged roman ionic columns and a pediment. The interior, despite some alterations, retains mosaic hall flooring, much original joinery, an impressive staircase and a fine stained glass stair window.

Despite some alterations the building is in good condition. The first floor verandah arcade has been enclosed and a large extension added on the Arthur Street side to the rear. The building remains impressively sited. The original cast iron fence still exists at the front of the building and the side entrance from Arthur Street remains impressive with encaustic tiles and a flight of stairs to the front door.

Other important occupants include the merchant JM Bruce of the firm of Paterson, Laing and Bruce. In the 1890s Airlie was the boyhood home of Stanley Melbourne Bruce (later Lord Bruce), Prime Minister of Australia from 1923 to 1929.

Airlie is of architectural and historic importance for the following reasons:

As one of the last surviving Victorian period mansions of St Kilda rd which from the late 1870s became renowned for its large residences along a major entrance to the city.

- as a notable example of a late Victorian period mansion town house, the residence of a wealthy Melburnian family of the Victorian period and expressing their lifestyle.

- as a notable work of the architect Anketell Henderson.

- for important Victorian period interior and exterior detailing, including the cast iron fence, statuary, encaustic tiles, stained glass windows, mosaic tiles and other elements.

- as the sometime house of the prominent Melbourne merchant JM Bruce and for being the boyhood home of Stanley Melbourne Bruce, Prime Minister of Australia from 1923 to 1929.

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1 airlie st kilda road south melbourne view from street
H0722 airlie extent plan

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