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Collingwood 8

Heritage Listed Location


Yarra Bend Road Fairfield, Yarra City, Victoria, Australia

Places Nearby

Hawthorn East, 3123 1.2km Abbotsford, 3067 1.7km Fairfield, 3078 1.8km Northcote, 3070 2.7km Alphington, 3078 2.7km

Details / Significance

Old Dump. Relatively thin, discrete layer (10m by 20cm) and probably represents contents of one to three households deposited during relatively short period of time. Contains ceramics, bottle glass, whole bottles, bone leather and oyster shell: early c20 or later.

Heritage Inventory Significance: Cultural: low; Scientific: medium. Use of space for recycling along Merri Creek represents an important pattern of land use. Archaeological potential (Johnston 1993)

Informants: Council acts as committee of management./nRecorded by: Hall,R Date Recorded: 1989

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