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Collingwood 3

Heritage Listed Location


1 Field Street Clifton Hill, Yarra City, Victoria, Australia

Places Nearby

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Details / Significance

Retaining walls. Two walls, one along southern boundary of Ramsden St and other below oval along creek channel, 45m and 150m long respectively. Range from 2-3 m in height. Made of interlocked basalt floaters (10-15cm). Some have been slightly modified. Shorter wall next to oval in good repair. Longer wall along creek overgrown; although apparently disintegrating and north end truncated by recentworks at CW tip.

Heritage Inventory Significance: Cultural:medium; scientific: high. Virtually only drystone walls along creek. Illustrates early landscaping practices. Medium research significance. Could contribute to local history, especially relating to Depression and earlier landscaping activity. Of local interest (Johnston 1993)

Recorded by: Hall,R Date Recorded: 1989

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