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Richmond Tafe/tannery Precinct

Heritage Listed Location


41-53 River Boulevard Richmond, Yarra City, Victoria, Australia

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Richmond North, 3121 0.4km Hawthorn West, 3122 0.4km Armadale North, 3143 1.4km Richmond East, 3121 2.2km Richmond South, 3121 2.5km

Details / Significance

Appleton Street. Five wooden houses extant from 1886 until the mid 1970s. Partially excavated in 1991 with limited results.Clark Street. Three wooden houses facing Clark Street, destroyed sometime after 1950.Gill and Boston's Tannery. Virtually no remains. A large bluestone retaining wall is located on the Yarra edge and the ruins of a brick building are located on the south east corner of the site. Helipad now on the site.Clark and Sons' Tannery. A large part of this area contains extant warehouse building. The tannery remains likely to consist only of foundations and pits, now covered with 0.6 to 1.8 metres of fill.Farrell's Tannery. The site of the first tannery in Richmond. There may be foundations and pits under the fill.River Street. The River Street area, including the site of 43-67 River Street has been occupied by industrial premises utilising the location for leather tanning and related activities. The tanneries were among the first industries in Richmond. The southern end of River Street had been surveyed and laid out by 1848 and allotments between Burnly Street and the yarra were sold between 1848 and 1850. Subsequent private subdivision saw the river front lots initially divided into "Villa" sites. However the attraction of the site for industries, particularly those noxious industries requiring water and a suitable drain, soon led to a number of tanneries, soap manufacturers, strach works, and other such factories being established in the area./n/n

Heritage Inventory Significance: Appleton Street - high before the excavation in 1991, now low.Clark Street - high.Gill and Boston's Tannery - high historical, low archaeological significance.Clarke and Sons' Tannery - high historical and low archaeological significance.Farrell's Tannery - high historical and low archaeological significance.River Street - high historical and high archaeological potential.

Heritage Inventory Site Features: Two rows of houses.Three tannery sites.

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